After each session, the recorded Zoom meeting will be posted in the corresponding year, along with any resources used during the session.

Year 1 Sessions

Session 1: Overview of the Iowa Governmental Public Health System

Session 2: Putting the Local in Local Public Health: Local Roles and Responsibilities

Session 3: Public Health Law in Iowa

Session 4: Health Equity: Why it Matters and How to Achieve It

Session 5: Ethics and Decision Making in Public Health

Session 6: Advancing Policy in Public Health

Year 2 Sessions

Session 1: Strategic Planning

Session 2: Workforce Development

Session 3: Performance Improvement

Session 4: Financial Management

Year 3 Sessions

Session 1: Contracts

Session 2: HIPAA/Conflict of Interest/Confidentiality

Session 3: Succession Planning

Session 4: Strategic Framing (Communication & Storytelling)